The City of Forney’s tax rates are a game-changer for companies and corporations seeking a business-friendly environment. Our city offers and maintains a competitive tax rate in comparison to other Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex communities and taxes “real” and “personal” property (including non-Freeport eligible inventory) at the same rate. Due to Forney’s recent success in new commercial and residential development, the city’s property tax rate has decreased by approximately fourteen cents per $100 valuation over the last 5 years.

State Income Tax
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Property Tax


Property Tax Rate (Per $100)

City of Forney


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Forney ISD




City of Forney
Sales Tax


Sales Tax Rate

State of Texas


City of Forney


Forney Economic Development Corp.




Texas Comptrollers Office & Texas Workforce Commission
Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT)



State of Texas


City of Forney




City of Forney

Triple Freeport City

The City of Forney offers the popular Triple Freeport tax exemption. As a part of our status, Forney businesses are provided a personal property tax exemption from the City, County, and School District authorities on inventory and goods-in-transit leaving the State of Texas within 175 days or less. This is especially beneficial to distributors and manufacturers, providing significant cost savings. 

DFW Foreign Trade Zone “Subzone” Status

Nearby, the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport is one of 31 Free Trade Zones (FTZ) in the State of Texas and is the domestic equivalent of an international free trade zone.  If needed, the City of Forney can petition DFW International Airport for a foreign trade zone “subzone” status for companies locating to the community. Within an FTZ, a number of operations may be performed upon goods, ranging from manufacturing and reassembly to repackaging and re-exporting without intervention by U.S. customs. Once goods move outside of FTZ, or off “foreign soil,” they are subject to U.S. tariffs and/or duties.

Businesses locating in Forney can petition DFW Airport for FTZ “subzone” status.  This status is approved for use by a single company and would be sponsored by DFW Airport for a specific activity, such as manufacturing. Having access to this advantage  allows Forney businesses to be more competitive in the marketplace and provides new jobs and cost savings.

Additionally, Forney EDC can assist you in negotiating financial incentives with other taxing entities, including tax abatement, value limitations and State of Texas incentive programs.

For information on state taxes and filing information can be found on the Texas Comptroller's website.