The City of Forney, one of the fastest growing communities in North Texas, is well-suited for high-tech companies, semiconductor processors and data centers and can support a full range of operations, from small facilities to large hyper-scalers.

Forney, Texas, is considered part of the robust Dallas-Fort Worth telecommunications infrastructure network – the 4th largest Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) in the nation, based on population, and 2nd largest MSA measured in total fiber miles. (Source: NEF Connectivity Report)

Gateway’s Connectivity

Gateway, a master-planned 2,000-acre mixed-use development, offers critical access to several major fiber optics providers for comprehensive connectivity, along with dual-feed electrical service availability by Oncor, access to a large supply of water, natural gas, and related services. Plus, the State of Texas has its own electrical grid, offering secure and reliable electric delivery.

The Gateway Target Area is located approximately 30 fiber-route miles from downtown Dallas and the core telecommunications infrastructure supporting the entire southwest region.
NEF Connectivity Report

Strategically Placed

One of the key reasons, Forney is a prime destination for data storage, transmission, and high-tech manufacturing operations is our strategic proximity to the 1.5 million-square-foot Dallas Infomart interconnect hub, the largest facility in the south-central United States, making maximum roundtrip latency virtually instantaneous.

Workforce Ready

Our location also places us just 23 miles from the world headquarters of Texas Instruments, one of the world’s largest tech-related businesses in the country, and only 25 miles from the “telecom corridor” of Richardson, TX. This translates into a large and readily accessible high-quality IT workforce.

When added to the 1.4 million people in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex within 35 minutes of Forney and the number of highly educated graduates from local, regional, and statewide colleges and universities, a steady pipeline of qualified candidates is up to the job of meeting your staffing needs.